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We offer car warranty protection against expensive repair bills. Now you can stop worrying with our instant cover.

Providing one of the best car warranty products on today’s market, we’re confident that we can satisfy all our customers. Whether you’re buying used, already own your vehicle or are extending an original manufacturer’s agreement, MotorEasy has the right car warranty for you.

We provide speedy, same-day extended car warranty authorisation. All parts and labour are included with each of our plans. MotorEasy experts handle any repairs you need directly with the garage; we can even arrange collection and return of your car! Plus, we pay garages ourselves, so you’re never out of pocket.

Manage all your car’s care within an easy-to-use MotorEasy account area created just for you. Submit and track repairs online – any time, whatever device you’re using.

Feel Comfortable

We’ll handle repairs directly with the garage, on your behalf

Save Money

Cover for parts, labour and diagnostics up to the value of your vehicle

Take Control

Watch everything happen online from your dedicated MotorEasy account


Buy online and save 10%
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Why extend your car warranty?

What is a car warranty?

A car warranty protects you against costs for both parts and labour after a mechanical or electrical failure in your vehicle. They can be supplied or sold by manufacturers and retailers alike, as well as third-party car warranty providers and insurance companies. Protection from car warranties in the UK often varies according to the terms of the agreement and depends on the car owner maintaining their vehicle to manufacturer specifications.

What can our car warranty
cover give you?

  • No stress, no hassle – we deal directly with your chosen garage
  • Able to arrange collection AND delivery from your home or work
  • A network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • All repairs monitored by our team of top engineers
  • Commitment to shopping around for the best rates
  • Protects your vehicle wherever you are in the EU – up to 60 days

Our car warranties cover:

Wear and tear

Failures caused by overheating

Air conditioning problems

Failures identified during MOT and servicing

Emissions failures

In-car entertainment


Sat nav


Buy online and save 10%
in AUGUST using AUG10!

Watch our minute-long video explaining how car warranty works with us:

Unlike many car warranty, service and maintenance providers, we also cover your vehicle for all consequential damage. This means you won’t be hit with the cost of any knock-on work a garage needs to carry out.

We’ll even tailor the car warranty to suit you. If you want protection for one, two or as much as three years, that’s fine.

And if you’re not sure how long you’ll be keeping your vehicle, don’t worry: our pay monthly car warranty plans offer complete flexibility.

A lower-cost alternative that lets you enjoy all the repair benefits of our full vehicle warranty product when your car suffers a roadside failure or breakdown, consider taking out one of MotorEasy’s Lite Warranty Plans to get the most from your coverage.

You can also cut the cost of your car warranty insurance by agreeing in advance to make voluntary contributions toward any work.

We do all we can to make your motoring, well, easy! Buy a car warranty with us and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

See what’s covered in our warranty plans:

Components / System
Air conditioning
Braking system hydraulics
Braking system cables, pedal assembly and vacuum pump
Clutch ancillaries
Clutch plate – including cover and release bearing
Cooling system thermostat and water pump
Cooling system radiators and fans
Main ECU (computer)
Other ECUs (computers)
Airbag electrics (external to airbags)
Starter motor and alternator
Main electrical system components
Emission system components
Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
Fluids and consumables
Flywheels and drive plates
Fuel system – pumps and tank
Fuel system – other components
Ignition system – coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
Ignition system – other components
Crankshaft rear oil seal
Gearbox input shaft oil seal
Other oil seals and gaskets
Power steering motor, pump and ram
Other steering system components
Super / Turbochargers

For full details of the car warranty protection we offer, please check out our official documents:

Stop worrying about warranty costs. For 24/7 peace of mind, get a quote now with MotorEasy!


Buy online and save 10%
in AUGUST using AUG10!

Why rely on MotorEasy for car warranty service?

“The appeal of MotorEasy is clear and simple. It looks after all the tedious, day-to-day aspects of car ownership, leaving you free to enjoy driving.”

Paul Hudson, Telegraph Motoring Editor

“MotorEasy’s cover is simple, straightforward and proper.”

Honest John

What’s does a new car warranty with MotorEasy cover?

New car warranty coverage protects most of your car against repairs or failures. Faults will be rectified, free of charge, by a manufacturer dealer.

What’s not covered by our new car warranty?

New car warranty coverage won’t cover parts termed perishable, service, frictional or wearing; although, with a new car, these will also be replaced if they fail due to incorrect fitment in the early part of a car’s life.

What isn’t covered by a warranty at all?

No car warranty in the world covers consumable parts designed to wear out, such as brake pads, wiper blades, exhausts, batteries and tires.

My new car warranty is expiring. What can I do?

Manufacturer car warranties usually expire after three years. Following this, you’ll be on your own, with the risk of huge bills to pay if something serious fails in your vehicle. And, with today’s sophisticated cars and high garage labour rates, that can be the case all too frequently!

When can I buy used car warranty cover?

You can buy a MotorEasy used car warranty at any time if your car is less than 12 years old and has recorded less than 120,000 thousand miles since new. Even if you don’t have a warranty at the moment, you’re still eligible.

Do I need a full-service history to buy an extended used car warranty?

No. As long as your car has had a manufacturer service in the last year, you can take out a MotorEasy plan. If you haven’t had this done, we can arrange it (at up to 40% less than what manufacturer main dealerships charge).

What do I need to do to keep my warranty valid?

You need to maintain your car according to manufacturer specifications. This includes keeping it fully serviced as well as ensuring your car road fund license (aka tax) and MOT are up to date.
In addition, essential service items such as timing belts must have been changed at the appropriate interval.
For ultimate ease and convenience, add MOT testing and servicing as additional products to your warranty during the checkout process. We offer significant savings against the MOT RRP and manufacturer service prices.

How long will my MotorEasy car warranty last?

You can buy a car warranty plan for 12, 24 or 36 months.

What payment options are available with MotorEasy?

Our car warranty plans can be paid monthly or annually. Significant discounts are available for multi-year plans, which are available for up to three years.

What other benefits are included?

  • 24/7 online booking and tracking of repairs
  • Parts and hourly labour costs covered (including VAT)
  • Wear and tear covered from day one (following a health check at one of our network garages)
  • Consequential loss / damage covered
  • Overheating failures covered
  • Diagnostic costs as part of a valid repair covered
  • Contributions to recovery, onward travel, accommodation and journey completion solutions
  • Failures in Europe covered
  • Claims limits up to the value of your car covered

I still have time on my manufacturer’s warranty. Should I consider extra protection?

Your manufacturer warranty should be enough, but MotorEasy have options that can provide seamless cover as your manufacturer warranty gets close to expiring. Call us on 0800 131 0001 for details.

How do MotorEasy warranties differ from dealer warranties?

A franchised dealer will offer you an extended warranty organised by the manufacturer the dealer represents. This is unlikely to cover you for wear and tear, consequential loss, overheating and many other benefits that come with a MotorEasy car warranty. If you’re buying a car from a non-franchised dealership, the car will probably be supplied with minimal three-month cover that will offer only basic protection. If you have short-term cover, MotorEasy has a plan that will supplement it until the expiry date – when you’ll be ready to take out our full vehicle warranty product.

How do I start a car warranty repair?

There are about 20,000 garages nationally that are involved with car servicing and repairs, ranging from franchised dealers, specialists, independents and fast fits. Of these, MotorEasy has given approved network status and arranged direct billing arrangements with over 10,000 – that’s more than half! If you choose to use one of the remaining 10,000, then you will need to pay for any pre-approved repairs and reclaim later.

My car has a problem, but I don’t know the cause. What do I do?

Call MotorEasy engineers on our repairs number: 0800 131 0001. They will be happy to give advice – and can even book diagnostics at a network garage for you.

What do I do if my car suffers a breakdown?

Call us on 0800 131 0001. Don’t let any repairs start until you or your chosen garage have spoken to our engineers and get a repair authorisation.

What are the options if my car suffers a breakdown abroad?

Call our repair line for advice. Repairs can be carried out wherever you are on the Continent, but you will need to pay and reclaim any authorised and agreed contributions.

Does my MotorEasy warranty include recovery?

For covered and authorised repairs, we’ll contribute towards recovery costs if you don’t have a recovery provider already in place. (MotorEasy also offers excellent-value breakdown recovery insurance)

Can I submit a repair out of hours?

Yes, online, but our engineers won’t be able to approve repairs submitted outside business hours.

Who pays for repair costs?

We will pay a network garage directly for valid claims – minus any agreed contributions. If you’d rather use a non-network garage, you will need to settle and reclaim the authorised amount, which we’ll then reimburse within seven days.

What are the options if I sell my vehicle?

You can cancel the remainder of your policy or transfer it to your replacement car – or the new owner if you’d prefer.

Why are MotorEasy car warranties cheaper than the competition?

Years of experience have gone into our pricing, and our online focus allows us to operate on reduced overheads. There are also no middlemen taking slices; we deal directly with you. Here at MotorEasy a cheap car warranty is always guaranteed.

My used car came with a warranty from the dealership. What can I do?

If you’re worried about any existing dealer warranty insurance, relax: you can top it up with a MotorEasy plan that provides supplemental protection until the expiry date, by which time you’ll be ready to take out our full vehicle warranty product. Alternatively, we can arrange for our cover to start as soon as your dealer agreement ends. Purchasing a used car from a dealership? Consider asking for a lower price without their warranty and getting covered by MotorEasy instead. To do so, call us on 0800 131 0001.

Does a MotorEasy car warranty cover modified vehicles?

All vehicles must have no modifications made to the manufacturer’s original specification (unless agreed in writing by us).
Although it’s not our intention to provide cover for extremely modified vehicles, some minor modifications may be acceptable – but will need to be agreed with us before cover is finalised.