Summer Driving: Protecting Your Car From The Heat

Summer Driving

Summer is in full swing and as the weather hots-up (most of the time), car maintenance takes on a new significance. If you’re planning a UK staycation or are spiriting away on a European road trip, read our top tips to prepare your car. 

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Get Peace of Mind 

A mechanical or electrical failure on a long trip can be a pain in the neck and the wallet. Broken aircon will see tempers and temperatures rise. Make sure you’re covered with a warranty. Check out our 10% discount offer this month.

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Failing that, if you’re worried or curious about your car’s general condition, book-in a MotorEasy free vehicle health. Find out more information here

Clean Your Car

Long car trips are so much more pleasant when your car is clean both inside and out! This month we're offering a 10% discount on Halfords car cleaning products. This voucher can only be redeemed when purchasing in store, click below to get your voucher.



Check Your Coolant

Coolant is your car’s lifeblood; it maintains the correct operating temperature and prevents internal damage when your engine is under stress. If topping up, make sure coolant levels reach the 'full' line on your cooling system reservoir. See more advice here.


Top Up Your Engine Oil

Always part of a service routine, we recommend changing your oil more regularly in the summer months or when covering long distances. Oil is designed to lubricate your engine and will degrade faster in extreme heat. Ideally you should check levels every 500 miles - ensure oil sits between the upper and lower markings on yuor engine's dipstick (which usually has a yellow handle). If it is too low, add a little at a time and keep rechecking every few minutes to reasses the level.


Tyre Tread Depth

Cracks in your tyres can be dangerous and often result in a MOT failures. In high temperatures they can dry out faster, increasing the risk of a puncture, or leak. Tyres should also have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread; easily checked by slotting a 20p coin into the tread. If the read fails to cover the outer edge of the coin, your tyres will likley need replacing. Don’t forget to check your spare tyre as well – the last thing you want is for your spare to be out of use when you really need it.

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Car Battery

We always associate cold weather with a battery failure. However, rising temperatures can evaporate the water inside your battery, degrading its performance. Batteries also have a lot more to do in hot weather, keeping the car functioning and making greater demands on their power.

How to check your battery




The hotter brakes become the less effective they are. An indicator that your brakes are starting to deteriorate is if your brake pedal starts to feel mushy underfoot. A high-pitched screeching sound also suggests brake pads and possibly the rotors are worn. Why not book your car in for a service to make sure your brakes don’t fail you on your holiday road trip?

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A Clear, Safe View 

Avoid tired eyes and sunny galres by packing a pair of sunglasses and using your sun visors. Make sure you also check the condition of your front and rear windscreen wipers; you don’t want smeary windows and squeaky wipers in a summe downpour.  


If your packed to the rafter with road trip luggage, add extra space by fitting a roof box. MotorEasy members can claim a 10% discount on Halfords roof boxes, click here to get your voucher!  



Now you’re set! All you need now is the perfect soundtrack to accompany your road trip, check out our Summer Sing-along Playlist. Happy road-tripping! 


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